New 2013 European Footbag Championships Videos

A few weeks ago we had the US Open Footbag Championships, and now here are the results from the European Footbag Championships from Moscow Russia. Vasek Klouda returned to form and won his bazillionth European title. Here is some video from that event!

1st place Open Footbag Routines Vasek Klouda

2nd place Footbag Routines Alexander Trenner

3rd Place Footbag Routines Artem Zabolotniy

Circle Freestyle Footbag Finals (Variety)

Circle Freestyle Footbag Finals (Density)

If you haven’t seen a lot of footbag before or still know the game as hacky sack, there are great videos to see what the larger footbag realm is about! If we can find any of the Women’s Footbag Routines we will be happy to post them!

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