About the Fourkast Footbag Company

Who is Fourkast? Essentially, the Fourkast team is an association of individuals all dedicated to promoting the sport of footbag on both a regional and global level. Based out of Portland Oregon (the birthplace of footbag) and supported by many of the sport’s top iconic figures (John Stalberger aka Mr. Hacky Sack, Kenny Shults, Tricia George, Ted Huff, Chris Ott) the Fourkast group strives to enlighten the public to the cooperative kicking sport of footbag. Besides working to distribute the highest quality footbags and footbag related products, the group is also very active working with schools and non profit organizations, running events, and performing shows and demos all over the world.

The staff of Fourkast includes many of the sport’s top players and organizers, each lending their expertise to a specific area. The essential staff of Fourkast includes;


Ethan (Red) Husted (Chief Operator, architect)
Ethan Husted has been playing footbag and been a member of the footbag community for almost half his life. After spending many years in the sport as a player, Ethan (or Red as he is nicknamed) expanded his interests into the organization and promotion of the sport. Utilizing his background in everything from marketing/sales to digital editing (web/graphic/video) to sociology (graduate of CU Boulder), these days Ethan works almost exclusively promoting the sport of freestyle footbag. Aside from overseeing the operations of the Fourkast Footbag Company, Ethan also is the current president of the Sole Purpose Footbag Group, which hosts the annual US Open Footbag Championships. Inspired by his mentor John Stalberger, Red is honored to carry on the work of promoting footbag to the greater community!


Sean Wingert (IT Consultant)
Sean Wingert has been in the sport of footbag for a great many years. Much like Red Husted, Sean began playing freestyle footbag in the mid 1990s, and has been involved in footbag to one degree or another ever since. In the later ’90s, Sean produced a series of successful footbag videos that helped promote the sport and motivate players at the time. Later he would travel to Europe and help build its then fledgling footbag scene. Sean is a jack of all trades as well; aside from footbag and video editing, Sean is also an accomplished linguist (speaking at least three languages) and is also heavily involved in IT work. Most recently Sean and his old friend Red Husted teamed up to build the Fourkast site; much of this great work you see before you is attributed to that collaboration. We are happy to have Sean on staff as an IT consultant and promoter of the Fourkast Footbag Company!


Nick Landes (Production, Freestyle Team)
Nick Landes is quite simply one of the best freestyle footbag players in North America. Part of the newer generation of players, Nick has worked hard to rise to the top of the pack. After winning numerous freestyle events, Nick was inducted into the prestigious Big Add Posse group in 2009. Aside from being a great and talented freestyle footbag player, Nick is an accomplished footbag producer, and has hand crafted many great footbags such as the Fourkast 14 and the Landes 32. Not only does Nick oversee quality control and design for the Fourkast Footbag Company, he is also a member of the illustrious Fourkast Freestyle Team. These days Nick works to promote both the Fourkast Company, and the great game of freestyle footbag itself!


Scott Bevier (Freestyle Team)
Scott (Flash Gordon) Bevier is a long time accomplished freestyler in the sport of footbag. With a freestyle career that ranges over ten years, Scott has certainly learned something about the sport. His freestyle game is a perfect mix of creativity, technicality, and grace. After winning numerous footbag events (as well as placing top 3 at the World Footbag Championships), Scott relocated to Portland Oregon to help further promote the footbag scene with Sole Purpose and the Fourkast Footbag Company. Besides being a member of the illustrious Fourkast Freestyle Team, Scott is also the 2009 US Champion for freestyle footbag. It’s an honor to have such great talent representing Fourkast!


Jim Penske (Freestyle Team)
Jim Penske has a unique position in the sport of footbag; he has been in the game for quite some time (around a decade), but is still young and at the top of his game. Jim got into freestyle at an early age, and immediately excelled to to the top of the pack as a cutting edge player. Aside from being a complete natural, Jim has one of the best physical styles in the sport; his game fuses a hip-hop style of play with heavy technicality. In other words, he bring a dynamic form of play and is simply cool to watch. If you want to impress people and show them how good the game can look, jim’s your player for the job. In 2007, Penske took second at the World Footbag Championships, and has been a US Champion in previous years. These days Jim continues to do what he does best; represents the game with his jaw dropping skill. For this we are happy to have the great Jim Penske on board representing Fourkast as a member of the official Freestyle Team!


David Clavens (Freestyle Team)
Sharp minded and skilled, David may very well be the most technically efficient player in the world. Clavens has broken ground in many categories of freestyle; from pushing the level of high-add moves and combinations to pushing the level of competition performance. In 2007, David went dropless in all three rounds at the World Footbag Championships, something that hadn’t been done since the days of the great Kenny Shults. If you want to see how footbag moves are supposed to be executed, David’s textbook style is the example to study. David has won a great many footbag events, including the US Open Footbag Championships more than once. In 2008 Clavens moved to Portland for three months to train with the Sole Purpose Footbag Group and intern for Mr. Kenny Shults. Aside from being a stellar freestyler, David is also a business major and works in sales and marketing. He is connected to the group and the cause of promoting freestyle to the world, and for this we are honored to have him as a member of the Fourkast Freestyle Team.


Erik Chan (Fourkast TV Video Section)
From Erik Chan comes a great wealth of footbag knowledge. Not only has he accumulated a great deal of footbag video history, he has also been around to see much of this history unfold in the last decade. For years Erik’s passion has been promoting footbag; much of this work he has done with his great Hackrifice project. Heralding from Winnipeg Canada, Erik has done a fine job representing freestyle footbag by pushing the envelope of online video exposure. He also very well may have the largest footbag video collection in existence. Here at Fourkast we are happy to have Mr. Chan on board lending his expertise to the cause. You can see much of his contributions in Fourkast TV, our very own footbag video section. Many thanks to Erik for his dedication!


Asmus Helms (Magazine Correspondent)
The sport of footbag needs more people like Asmus Helms. This fresh talent has certainly contributed to the sport of footbag in the short amount of time he has been a part of it. Aside from being a great new school player, Asmus has an interest in covering footbag news as it happens. Before Fourkast initially launched, the company was impressed with Helm’s work on Super Nemesis, which provided quality interviews and news coverage on a regular basis. After an interview with Fourkast creator Ethan Husted, the idea arose to merge with Asmus’s project and enhance the effort of getting good footbag reporting to the people. An extra bonus of Helms is that he is from Denmark (now lives in Copenhagen); thus he has a greater ability to report international news and cover the popular European footbag scene. We are happy to have Asmus on board with the Fourkast Footbag Company. With his initiative and talent, expect great things!


Jay Boychuk (Magazine Correspondent)
Jay Boychuk has only been in the footbag scene for three years, but in that time has certainly made an impression in the sport. This up and coming freestyler has studied the game and its players intensely, as well as developed his own technical game. Aside from footbag, Boychuk is a student of mechanical engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. Taking inspiration from other icons in the sport (Jorden Moir, Johnny Suderman, Anssi Sundberg, Vasek Klouda, Steve Goldberg) Jay works to promote freestyle footbag whenever possible. For his dedication, this young rising star has earned a spot on the writing staff of Fourkast. We welcome Jay and his new energy to the team!


Lead Consultant: John Stalberger
John Stalberger is the co-creator of the sport of footbag. Quite simply, everything that is footbag can be traced back to this great individual. In 1972, Stalberger and his business partner Mike Marshall invented and marketed the first footbag, the Hacky Sack. Since then, Johnny has worked diligently to promote the game, and has acted as inspiration to generations of footbag players all over the world. More recently, Stalberger has teamed up with Ethan Husted to further promote the sport from the birthplace of the sport; Portland Oregon. Together they have promoted many successful ventures, including the US Open Freestyle Footbag Championships, and Mr. Hacky Sack Tours. Fourkast is honored to have this iconic individual (and father of the sport) lending his expertise in business and marketing to the cause. We are proud to carry on his work!


Consultant/Technical Adviser: Kenny Shults
Kenny Shults is considered to be the greatest footbag player of all time. Often referred to ask the ‘Michael Jordan’ of footbag, Shults has won more titles across the board than any other footbag player in the world. He was also responsible for the advancement of freestyle footbag into its modern form. Every freestyle footbag player is derived from Mr. Shults and the groundwork he laid during his very long run in the game. These days Kenny (like Stalberger) enjoys being a successful businessman in the local Portland area. Fourkast is lucky enough to have this great individual on hand to lend advice when needed. We salute Mr. Shults for his continued involvement in the sport and with the Fourkast Footbag Company!

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