Boise Foot Clan Footbag Club

We are happy to introduce the Boise Foot Clan, the new footbag club in Boise Idaho! We are dedicated to the sport footbag, disciplines within this include freestyle (doing tricks and combinations of tricks), casual kicking, footbag net, and footbag four square. The group caters to all skill levels from beginner/casual circle kicker (hacky sack) to professional level freestyle. Throughout the week we have many meet ups, if you are looking to connect and kick please see the contact info below. Our group is friendly and welcoming so please come on down and check us out! See you in the circles!

jim penske footbag hacky sack

Freestyle Footbag Meet Ups:
Usually two to three times a week, please contact Red Husted at (5O3-38O-4395) to find out times for this. These meet ups are dedicated to learning and practicing tricks. Again everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us 🙂 Many of these sessions happen in Ann Morrison Park or downtown when weather is nice.

Casual Kicking (hacky sack) Meet Ups:
These meet ups are dedicated to cooperative circle kicking and kicking back (pun intended) and having a good time. There are a few meet ups throughout the week, if interested please contact Carol at 2O8-345-7255 to find out times. Many of these sessions happen either in Hyde Park in the North End or downtown Boise when weather is nice.

Here’s some of our freestyle footbag players. Among them are multiple members of the Big Add Posse, an elite group of players dedicated to pushing the limits of the game. Here’s a few player profiles;

Jim Penske; 5 time US Champion, 2nd at World Footbag Championships (Routines) 2007
Nick Landes; US Circle Champion, 2nd at World Footbag Championships (Routines) 2015
Daryl Genz; 4 time Doubles Worlds Champion
Sunny Freeman-Genz; US Champion
Red Husted; Baller

New member soon to arrive: Evan Gatesman (World Circle Champion 2014, World Shred 30 Champion 2015, World Request Champion 2015)