The Fourkast Footbag Team

Who and what is the Fourkast Footbag Team? Essentially, the players on the official Fourkast Team are simply the best freestyle footbag players in North America. These four players have dedicated their time and energy to advancing not only their own skills, but the freestyle game in general. As these players have honored footbag by working to push the level of the game, the Fourkast Footbag Company honors them by promoting their amazing skills to the world. All four are US Freestyle Footbag Champions in one event or another, as well as high ranking World Championships competitors. All have won numerous freestyle footbag events, traveled the world on footbag ventures, and all are members of the illustrious Big Add Posse freestyle group. Two of the four live in Portland Oregon (Scott Bevier and Nick Landes), while Jim Penske currently resides in Boise Idaho, and David Clavens lives in the Bay Area California. With the great contributions these individuals have made (and continue to make), Fourkast is proud to represent these four great players. If you are interested in contacting any or all of them, please feel free to contact us at

The Fourkast Freestyle Team can be available to promote in your area, we guarantee they won’t disappoint! If you get a chance to witness these super shredders, whether by request, or at one of the many events they attend throughout the year (or if you are able to visit Portland Oregon), it is well worth the effort. If you like footbag or simply hacky sack, check out the pros at work!