2016 World Footbag Championships Official Dates Announced!

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Oh happy day, the 2016 World Footbag Championships have been officially announced. Here’s the details below;


Dear players worldwide,

On behalf of IFPA, Czech Footbag Association and City of Trnava, I’m pleased
to announce that the 2016 IFPA World Footbag Championships will be held
next summer from July 30 – August 6 (2016), in Trnava, Slovakia.

More information will be posted soon through event listing page, official
website, announce list and social media. We just wanted to let everyone
know so you can block the dates in your calendar and plan.

2016 Worlds: 30.7. – 6.8.

As always, you can check for updates on footbag.org starting at our main
event listing: http://www.footbag.org/events/show/1449259560

If you have general questions, you can email them to me directly or contact the whole crew at

Best Regards,

Jan Struz,
Peter Brocka
& Organisation Team


If you aren’t familiar with the World Footbag Championships, it is the mother of all footbag/hacky sack events in the galaxy (not speaking for other galaxies or parallel universes). The event spans a week and changes locations annually. Last year it was in Copenhagen Denmark, the year before that Paris France. This year the Czech footbag crew has stepped up with Peter Brocka (otherwise known as ‘The Mayor’) to deliver what looks like another fun and exciting Worlds. Will reigning champion Milan Benda be able to defend his title in performance routines? Which freestyle footbag player will win the majority of competitions at the event? Will longtime organizer Steve Goldberg still be rockin’ that sweet beard?

goldbeard footbag

All will be revealed July 30th in city of Trnava Slovakia. More details to come as the date grows closer. Until then we’ll keep you updated with the most pertinent of information, including who’s attending and when that sandwich I ordered will arrive. Stay tuned for these breaking updates!


Top 3 2015 Men’s World Footbag Championship Performance Routines

1st Milan Benda (Czech Republic)


2nd Nick Landes (USA)


3rd Vasek Klouda (Czech Republic)



Top 3 2015 Women’s World Footbag Championship Performance Routines


1st Paloma Mayo (Spain)


2nd Cass Taylor (Canada)


3rd Caroline Birch (Australia)

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