The 2017 US Open Footbag Championships at SkillCon Las Vegas Announced!

We are proud to announce the 2017 US OPEN FOOTBAG CHAMPIONSHIPS at SKILLCON December 15-17th in Las Vegas NV! The US Open is North America’s most prestigious event, this year we are proud to host it within the exciting and colorful SkillCon event at the Rio Hotel and Casino. SkillCon is host to the world’s greatest up and coming freestyle sports. The indoor venue is vast and filled with both spectator and competitor as well as various media coverage. Here before thousands of people we will present and crown a US Champion for Footbag Net and Freestyle. This is a first for footbag on this wild scale, not to be missed!


The Rio Hotel and Casino

Events offered:

Footbag Net

Freestyle Footbag

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