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David Clavens Winter 2 Video

This was posted up about a month ago, but it’s so fun we thought we would promote it again. For those who don’t know, David Clavens is the foremost technical expert in footbag freestyle today, even when he isn’t playing much. Check it out if you haven’t seen it, it’s solid stuff for sure : […]

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Fourkast Changes Coming Up!

  Well, it’s been about four years since we began Fourkast, and now we are gearing up for yet another update.  This one will be at a foundation level with some fun stuff coming up.  Fourkast is happy to continue its dedication to footbag as a sport, a hobby (hacky sack), a physical exercise, a […]

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Fourkast Footbags Website Updated

Yup, it’s been years in the making but we have finally updated the website!  We feel this is one of the best looking footbag website out there now, and are proud to be leveling up our game and will continue to work to rep the footbag and hacky sack community without fail!  If you have […]

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