Lon Awakens the Ceiling Fan Menace

Here’s a little chestnut called Lon Awakens the Ceiling Fan Menace. The footage is from summer 2014, yessum we sat on this for a while lol. However! After much prodding it’s now available for your viewing pleasure. Originally designed to be a Star Wars homage, it somewhat¬†turned into a troll marathon of greatness. Starring the Jedi Wizard Lon Smith, Sith Master Jim Penske, yet to be determined Ken Somolinos, and one Red Husted. Filmed in Boise Idaho, this video also contains (spoilers) the world record for Spinning Paradox Whirl. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. Epicness ensues.

Footbag hacky sack greatness. May the force be with you.

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