Daryl Genz

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Four time Doubles World Champion Daryl Genz has been in the game a long time. During his time in the sport of footbag Mr. Genz or ‘Genzu’ has achieved a great amount of wins, not just in the competitive arena but also with general accolade. From Colorado originally, Daryl was the protege of master shredder and legend Rippin’ Rick Reese, who would also become his doubles partner. Together they scored many strong wins and in the end walked away with four World titles for their work. In 1995 Genz was inducted into the Big Add Posse, an elite group of professional level footbag players. In the late 90’s Daryl joined Paul Mestas at Revolution Footbags. Later he would create Freedom Footbags which would represent the best of the freestyle footbag community. In 2010 Daryl was inducted into the Footbag Hall of Fame for his numerous contributions to the sport. Daryl continues to play freestyle footbag today and of recent was a finalist at the US Open Footbag Championships. Mr. Daryl ‘Genzu’ Genz. Get on his level.