Ethan ‘Red’ Husted


A bitter, bitter man, Red Husted has been around a long time. Cut from a manlier time in footbag, Frederick Ethan Mason Husted heralds from the mythical era of the 1990’s where gods walked among men. Cut from the burliest cloth and emphasizing function over form, the earth shakes when this man plays. Cities have crumbled in his presence. Red’s early school buddy was Ryan Mulroney, who after finally acknowledging his shred partner’s greatness had to change his last name to escape his shadow. Red’s ultimate rival is long time freestyler Daryl Genz, who Red has diligently worked to expose as a fraud for almost the entirety of his career. These days they have joined forces to remind the children of the sport what true players looked like, and to yell at them to turn down that loud music *shakes fist*. Finally, Red’s greatest prótese is one Nick Landes, currently 2nd in the world and a thief and burglar who stole everything he knows from Red and still owes him five dollars. One of the last players standing from the greatest BAP generation (1997), Red(TM) doesn’t consider himself a legend, that’s for others to do. With godlike abilities to go toe to toe with any intermediate player, he’ll make even the most skeptical of souls believe again. Red Husted; he’ll tell you how dirt was invented.


Footbag Notes:

Columbia Schwa Footbag Club, 1994-1996
SoCal Footbag Club, 1996
Bay Area Footbag Club, 1996-1999
Boulder Blades Footbag Group, 1999-2003
Sole Purpose Footbag Group 2003-2013
Boise Foot Clan, 2013-present

Other stuff and things:
Big Add Posse, 1997.
First Quad Dex, 2000.
Texas State Freestyle and Shred 30 Champion, 2001.
Colorado Shred Symposium Director, 2002.
Eugene Freestyle Festival; Routine, Shred, Big Trick and Sick Three Champion, 2003.
Producer, Fourkast Movie, 2004.
Director, Founder’s Cup Northwest Fest Freestyle Event, 2005
US Open Freestyle Footbag Championships; 2006-2010, ongoing
Film work; ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’, 2007
Shred 30 Director, World Footbag Championships 2007
Fourkast Footbag Company; 2009
Team USA Uniforms/Promoter, 2015
President, Boise Foot Clan 2015