Jim Penske

jim penske

One of the Titans of footbag, Jim Penske has been representing the sport for over 15 years and is widely regarded as one of the top players of the 2000’s. Known for his hip-hop like freestyle with the footbag, Jim is an absolute professional and simply has one of the coolest styles in the game. His accomplishments are many, including;

-5 Time US Champion
-2nd in the world 2007
-Consistently top 8 in the world
-Multi-time Idaho State Champion
-Over 20 tournament wins
-Multiple trick/combo record holder
-Member of the Big Add Posse professional footbag group; inducted 2002 (Big Add Posse website)

Status: Sith

Here’s a little sample of Jim’s work;

Jim Penske and the Underlings or Faded Under Gold Skies 2015 Worlds Shred Video
Jim Penske 2007 World Footbag Championships 2nd Place
Jim Penske 2011 US Open Champion 1st Place
Jim Penske Records (raw shred video)

Aside from being a renown competitor, Jim is also a talented performer and offers shows, demos, and workshops. If you are interested in book Jim or have any other questions, you can contact Ethan Husted at

Also, feel free to like Jim’s official facebook page!

World Footbag Championships 2015, Copenhagen Denmark
Jim would like to thank everyone who made the World Footbag Championships in Copenhagen possible this year. It was greatly appreciated and helped showcase the North America’s top talent!