Nick Landes

nick landes freestyle footbag hacky sack fourkast

Professional level footbag player. Yogi. Shawarma enthusiast. Nick forged his great footbag game in the fires of Sole Purpose, the long running and premiere footbag group of the United States. From Portland Oregon, Landes has been a status quo player for many years now in the sport of freestyle footbag. He was inducted into the Big Add Posse in 2009 and since then has racked up an honorable list of accomplishments. Nick’s style is grace in motion with strong attention to form. One of the smoothest players on the scene right now, Nick is currently ranked 2nd in the world for performance routines at the World Footbag Championships, and is a former US Circle Champion. Nick’s positive energy and nature/alien style continues to be an inspiration to the masses, you can see his great work here;

Nick Landes Worlds Footbag Championships 2010 Routine

Nick Landes World Fotbag Championships 2015 Routine

And his classic break out video;

Nick Landes vs the Gorillaz

Freestyle Footbag Accomplishments:
Big Add Posse 2009
World Footbag Championships 2010 Routines Finalist (8th place)
World Footbag Championships 2015 Routines 2nd Place
US Open Circle Champion
Sole Purpose Footbag Group member 2005-2015

Status: Jedi