Lanza 32 Freestyle Footbag


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Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to great footbags? Better hold dat. With its aerodynamic circumference and sleek paneling, the Lanza 32 footbag make you question what you thought quality was before. Hand crafted by none other than Steven Lanza of Illinois, this 32 panel freestyle footbag will remind you what greatness looks like. Part of our community made collection, this footbag is one of our best and we’re proud to carry it. Made from ultra suede light and filled a mix of metal beads and sand, you’ll find it incredibly easy to stall and perform tricks. Plus we promise you’ll walk a little taller with the Lanza 32 footbag in your pocket, not to mention when kicking with it they’ll all know who you are. The Lanza 32; get on its level.


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